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€ 18.900
49.000 km
110 kW / 150 CV
Black metal, Gear automatic, Diesel, Interior leather, Passenger Airbag, fog lamps, Central locking, traction control, Side Airbags, CD, Radio, power steering, electronic immobilizer, Volante in pelle, Volante multifunzione, keyless go, Controllo vocale, Sospensioni sportive, Filtro antiparticolato
€ 26.900 (exposed VAT)
24.000 km
110 kW / 150 CV
Black metal, Gear automatic, Diesel, Interior tissue, Passenger Airbag, fog lamps, power steering, traction control, Side Airbags, electronic immobilizer, CD, Radio, Central locking, Supporto lombare, Filtro antiparticolato, Controllo vocale, Cronologia tagliandi, Volante multifunzione, Riconoscimento dei segnali stradali
€ 23.900
53.000 km
110 kW / 150 CV
Grey metal, Gear manual, Diesel, Interior leather, traction control, Central locking, Radio, fog lamps, Side Airbags, Passenger Airbag, electronic immobilizer, CD, power steering, Supporto lombare, Frenata d'emergenza assistita, keyless go, Fari LED, telecamera posteriore, vetri oscurati
€ 7.900
177.000 km
80 kW / 109 CV
White Pastel, Gear manual, Diesel, Interior leather/fabric, Side Airbags, CD, Adjusting power seats, traction control, fog lamps, electronic immobilizer, Radio, Central locking, Passenger Airbag, power steering, air conditioning, power windows, Luci diurne, ABS, Sedili sportivi
Shown 1 - 4 of 4
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